Thoughts - Part 1

We all go around thinking thoughts - all the time.

Lots of them.

But how often are we telling our brain what to think versus listening to the chatter in our head?

If you are like most, you are doing more listening unconsciously than you are intentionally thinking thoughts.

Why does that matter? Because our thoughts are optional.

I mean, of course, we can't necessarily turn off our brain, well unless we are REALLY Good meditators, but if you are like me, your brain still has lots of words to offer (even during meditation). 

Thoughts like,... "Did I set my alarm?"

"Did I take out the steaks for dinner?" 

"What do I need to do today?" 

"I shouldn't have eaten that whole box of Good-N-Plenty yesterday..."

Or something of that nature... we are either thinking of what we need to do, what we did wrong, or what we forgot to do. We criticize ourselves, blame others for our misfortunes, and well more often than not, think horrible thoughts. 

However, I would like to offer that these thoughts not only don't serve us but take up well-needed brain space and create tons of unnecessary suffering.

No upside.   None, Zip, Zilch, Nothing, Natha.

Yes, I hear you: "But Jill, what if some of our thoughts are true?"

I say: "So what? What is the upside of focusing on them and putting even more of your attention on them?"

Besides, are they really true, or do you just think they are true? How do you really know? Because you decided to believe it is true? What if you are actually wrong? Then, you have just caused yourself unnecessary suffering.

Here's the question of the day for you:

What is the point of focusing on thoughts that cause you pain? There really isn't a reason to - unless you either don't understand that you can give yourself relief by thinking another thought or you are just one of those people who like to suffer. I'd like to believe that you are unaware that you get to believe whatever you want.

Remember a belief is only a thought you continue to think, nothing more, nothing less.

The thing is, All thoughts are created internally and they are developed as a condition of our environment, upbringing, etc... we think thoughts because we can. 

Something happens and we have a "thought" about it.

That "something" is an event, a circumstance a "happening" of some sort, i.e. a factual event without any bias.  It is neutral and it could be proven in a court of law.  Here are some examples of circumstances (neutral events):

  • I weigh 130 lbs. 

  • My Boss said: "You are fired." (Not really!)

  • I missed the bus

  • My partner arrived at 5:00 PM

Once the "thing" happens, you have a "thought" about it. 

Say the circumstance was your husband arrived at the theatre at 8:05 PM to watch a movie with you that was scheduled to begin at 8:00 PM.  A thought could be; “It bothers me when my spouse is late.”  You could have other less negative thoughts too, like: “Phew, now we don't have to watch all the previews” or “Glad I am not the only one running late” or any other more neutral or positive thought. 

It's your choice... Stop rolling your eyes, it really is. 

Ok, so there is more, but I want you to marinate in that for a bit, ok?

Part 2 will be posted next Monday!

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I guarantee you will be glad you did. 

Please remember, to Love, Laugh and most of all Learn to Live Boldly



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