Are You Living Your Best Life?

Who decides what that means for you?

We are all so much more than our Roles - Don’t you agree?

So what do I think you should know about me?
Well for starts, they call me Jersey Jill if that means anything to you.
I am happily married to an amazing man – who supports and loves me, 
all of me.
I am also a grandma - they call me Nana
and my heart skips a beat.
I love to laugh, dance, sing, paint, exercise, eat, meditate, shop, play golf, have great sex with my husband and learn new things, um not necessarily in that order.
I am into the woo woo – law of attraction, vibrations, source energy and positive affirmations.
(This is more of a recent development)
I am a Recovering perfectionist.  The struggle is real!
I doubt you want to hear how amazing my life is so I won’t bore you with the deets, the truth is it hasn’t always been rainbows and unicorns. I have had my struggles like most, self-esteem, body image insecurities, loss of loved ones, financial duress, shaky marriage, parenting woes and what not. 
Ya know life shit. But I believe that I am better for all of it, and am always reaching towards a better me.
I’d say my biggest accomplishment to date is when I reached my late 40's my confidence grew and now that I am 57, I am comfortable with who I am, what I am all about, and confident in my worthiness. That’s huge.  I matter. You do too.
I deserve all of the abundance and love the universe has to offer. And So Do YOU!
I told you – Woo Woo!  
For realz, I am DONE letting what others think of me control me, or my actions. I am over worrying what they think I should or shouldn’t be doing or saying. I am so over concerning myself with their opinions of me, I mean really, it is none of my business anyway. They are free to think their own thoughts. 
I am what I am and I happen to like that person. I rely on my own instincts, intuition and inner guidance. You can too.
I gave up stressing over my weight, my fitness level, my age, or any of that nonsense, and honestly it all has worked out just fine without the stress!
Seriously, hasn't anyone told you stress ages you? LOL I am not saying I don’t eat healthy, or workout, or use moisturizers, no, that’s not what I am saying. I am just DONE worrying about those things.
I am all for staying in the present, because I realize that is where all of my power is. And the same is true for you. The here and now. 
So freeing. So incredibly freeing.  I am oh so satisfied with what is and eager for more. Yes, I am happy being me.
Just Jill. Just Jersey Jill actually. (They say you can take the Jill out of Jersey but you can’t take the Jersey out of Jill) and why would you want to I ask?
I fully embrace my Jersey. You should embrace yours too.
No filter.   No pretense.
Just straight up authentically me.
Choosing to live a life with no regrets, no limits, and no bullshit.
I choose to live my life out loud and boldly.
It took a while to get here but, I am here now, and life is good, really good.
I would love to help you get here too, it is a great place to be, trust me.

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