What's Your Story?

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Contrary to popular belief, life isn't happening to you, and it isn't the way it is because of the world in which we live or a result of the current circumstances.


You created your life from the story that's going on in your head.

What do I mean? or What am I talking about?

I mean the story that's on repeat in your brain.  You know, those sentences that run rampant in your mind, over and over. That story, I am talking about that story.

They are your "truths" and you wear them like a badge of honor. 

Or you carry them around like your "blankie" because they keep you safe.

Or they help you achieve your wildest dreams and deepest desires.

Your story is your belief system, and a belief is simply a pattern of thought, something you've said to yourself repeatedly.  Those thoughts were created from your life experiences. The meaning you associate with those thoughts is usually based on something you learned as a kid either from your parents or in school. Regardless, you've repeated these thoughts so many times you believe them to be true as if they were facts.  

The thing is, they aren't facts, you just think they are, like to your core.

However, if you're like most women I talk to, you are beginning to question some of those beliefs, and you are starting to recognize you have some beliefs that are holding you back or you know, not serving you. 

We call those -  "limiting beliefs."

  • I am too old to change careers.

  • I will never be wealthy.

  • I am not smart enough to learn how to______. (fill in the blank).

  • I can't lose weight because even if I do I always gain it back. 

Wouldn’t you agree, that a person who believed they couldn’t lose weight doesn’t have a chance in hell to actually lose weight?

I mean, it sounds silly, right? 

Just think, if that individual sat back and said: How do I expect to lose weight if I firmly believe I can't?"

Mind. Blown.

But that doesn't happen. No. You just continue to struggle with a diet, and try to lose weight all the while believing you can't.

It's like trying to get to town with one foot on the gas pedal and the other on the break.  You don't go anywhere!

You just have these beliefs. These beliefs that just spin around in your head keeping you in limbo between your current and your desired reality - also known as the river of misery... 

It’s rather curious when you think about it, why don't we (collectively as a group) take the time to think about what we are thinking. To ask ourselves, questions like:

  • "Does this make sense?"

  • "Would someone else think the same thing?"

  • "Would I think this about someone else?"

Seriously, why don't we do that?

If you did take the time to question those sentences in your head, would you recognize them as beliefs simply after reading this post? Or would you still think your belief is hand to God a fact?

However, there is a way to tell whether something is a belief and not a fact.

It's actually pretty simple. In order for it to be a fact, 100% of the people would have to 100% agree with that same sentence (belief) as you, 100% of the time.

Further, it could be proven in a court of law to be true.

If it can't hold up in court, then it is a belief.

And that, IS a fact.  

The question is are you ready to make a change?

Are you ready to take charge of those thoughts controlling your outcomes, or will you choose to remain a passenger in this thing here called life?

The good news, while you may not have control over your environment or your current circumstance, you do have the power to control where you put your attention, and what you focus on and think about. 

The task may seem daunting, but well worth the effort.

Should you accept this challenge, and learn how to manage your mind, you will have the life you have always deserved.

The choice is yours.

You can continue to remain in the status quo or can begin your journey today.

 If you are interested in learning more about how to separate your story from the facts of your life so that you can begin to live the life you deserve and desire click this link for a free 30-minute session.

I guarantee you will be glad you did. 

Please remember, to Love, Laugh and most of all Learn to Live Boldly



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