What Makes a Person Happy?


What do you think the answer is?





Nope, those things are all external circumstances and by their very nature cannot create any emotion.

Rather, it is what you think about having money or not having money, or what you can or cannot do because you have or don't have money that creates how you feel about it.

Two people could have a million dollars in their savings account.

If money makes people happy, you might think that having a million dollars saved would do it.

However, one person may be excited about having that "much" and the other person may be worried because they believe they don't have "enough"

It is their thoughts about whether money creates joy or not enoughness, and not the money itself.

The same is true for status, security, relationships, and all other external situations or circumstances. 

One person might believe you have to hold a certain title to be respected, and another person may think that titles are dumb.  One person may feel secure leaving their door unlocked and another may have multiple locks and alarms set up and still not feel secure. 

It is all relative.

Your feelings of joy or happiness, sadness or pain are a result of your thinking.

Isn't that good to know?  Especially since you can control your thinking (as long as you are aware of it!)

You don't need a million dollars to be happy, you can be happy with more or less because the feeling of happiness is available to you now.

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