Election Results....

Election results

I get it…

And I am sure, some of you are going to disagree with me and that's ok.

The election is unresolved or undecided.

This is a circumstance - it is neutral. It isn’t good or bad, it is just a fact.

I understand - most of you disagree because you have a thought that you believe that this particular circumstance is in fact good or bad.

But the truth is, your thoughts about this election are optional.

Your choice.

You are in control here.

How you choose to let that fact affect you, your day, your life is 100% up to you.

Why? Or How can I say that? How can that be?

Because circumstances don't create your feelings, your thoughts do.

Plain and simple. 

Think about it.  If you woke up the morning after the election and hadn't listened or watched the news at all Tuesday night and expected to find out who your president was in the morning, you wouldn't have a feeling either way - good or bad.  The circumstance of the election not being resolved had already happened. That was already a fact.  However, you didn't feel any kind of way about it because you didn't know what the results of the election yet. it wasn't until you obtained that information and then had a thought about it, you began to feel a certain way.

Think Think Think... it wasn't until that very moment a feeling about the circumstance (election results) was created. 

The circumstance didn't create how you feel, it can't.

This may seem like a subtle fine line, but the distinction is huge. 

One worth grasping.

The good news is you have control over your thoughts.

And the truth is you can choose to think whatever the hell you want.  You can continue to think and believe that the current circumstances, the facts around the election are bad, and you have that option, or you can choose to think something else and NO ONE can say otherwise.

My recommendation is you pick a thought on purpose and be good with your reason. Most importantly understand that you are choosing to believe the thought and know that it isn't the same as a fact.  That's the tricky part.

Why does it matter?

Because once you realize that your thoughts are just that and not facts, no matter how real or true they feel.  Once you get that they are not simply observations but thoughts you have complete control over, it is only then you get the agency back in your life.  You take back your power and authority about how you choose to think, feel, and act about the circumstances you live.  

So I ask you - how do you want to be?

Who do you want to be?

How do you want to spend your days and what do you want to create?

Because your thoughts, not your circumstances generate your feelings, those feelings drive your actions which create the results you live in your life.

Let that sink in.

What are your thoughts about the election?

Are they serving you?

What feelings are coming up for you when you think the thoughts you are thinking?

While it may feel true, and it may feel like just an observation (like our country is so divided) or (our country is in turmoil). Or even (candidate) is a (negative adjective) or (party affiliation) are a bunch of (negative adjective)

Do those thoughts serve you?

What is the upside of thinking any one of those thoughts?

What types of feelings do thoughts like that generate?

I doubt they are positive. I am thinking possible feelings that would arise are: anger, frustration, divisiveness, or even despair

Is that really how you want to feel? Like really?

When you feel that way, what types of things are you focusing on?

What types of actions are you taking? Not taking?

Binge-watching news, argumentative, buffering with food, or other unhealthy distraction? Not being fully present with loved ones, work, or yourself?

What results are those actions creating? I guarantee you it will be a version of your thoughts.

No one can tell you what to think, they don’t have to agree with you - it is none of their business, so why not choose a better thought to think?

Such as:

Everything will work out


They will figure this out


Maybe even, we are still young as a country going through growing pains?

If you thought and believed any of the above, imagine what feelings you would be generating? 

Calm, peace, certainty - maybe even compassion?

What types of actions do you take when you are feeling calm, peaceful, certain, or compassionate?

How do you want to show up in your life right now?

You have the power to do just that.

Just think on purpose.

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